Monday, September 12, 2011

Jungle Patterns

Taking flight...

Our knowledgeable guide.

Rosalía's heart.

 The telephone tree... give it a smack with a machete and it reverberates through the forest.

 Don't want to mess with this nest!


Lurking gator.

Water creatures....

Lily, Queen of the Rainforest.

Dedicated to grandpa Anthony.

 guess what this tree was named after...!!

The reserve.

Visiting a local indigenous community.

 Traditional dress of the peoples of Madre de Dios, this particular tributary of the Amazon.

The clothing is made out of thin sheets of tree material, much like paper. to be clear, this is no longer what is worn on a day to day basis!

I'd venture to say this is a more accurate depiction of contemporary rainforest life.

 Madre de Dios

 Buenas noches...

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