Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small discoveries

I decided to spend an extra day in Arequipa, just strolling...

Llama, what are you doing here?

The view from the top of the "Cuesta del Ángel".

 "For years Arequipa has beat (?) to conquer free institutions for the homeland, you aren't born in vain at the foot of a volcano." Jorge Polar

 Beautiful engravings...

"La Nueva Palomino" Picantería, a traditional "spicy" eatery from Arequipa, that was featured at Mistura 2011. I had to stop by, naturally...

Rocoto relleno (stuffed pepper) served with a kind of potato gratin that balances out the spiciness, with some canchita and a Cuzqueña on the side, por supuesto.

 Findings on the winding streets....


Litigation- Litigation- Litigation- Litigation

My new friend Kevin, a hairdresser from Saint Louis who also ended up at Wayra River Hostel, on the phone with his Guatemalan lover.

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