Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Crisp Mountain Light

Before daybreak heading to Machpichu.

As the sun comes up....

Hey it hasn´t changed at all since yesterday!

Definitely worth going early, as there are far fewer people and the light is astonishing. Here with my Aunt Nancy.


Really, dude? Do you realize where you´re sitting?

Estoy aquí.

I really don´t get the allure of the ¨jump shot¨.

Morning shadows.

Inca flag.
Ahhhh... glory....

Ceja de selva (¨eyebrow of the jungle¨), meaning the edge between the rainforest and high-altitude mountain peaks.

Incan bridge... fascinated by this engineering.

Aunt Nancy and Regina.

One more glimpse, from the angle of the Inca trail (a 4-day journey).


So colorful.

Rosalía and I got in a haggling (regateando) fit and she accidentally bought this hat.


Aguas Calientes...

Mama´s 100th Anniversary shirt.

Look me in the eye!

Beautiful crisp mountain views.


Just gorgeous.

Come on, guys!


Watch her face go from hopeful, to uneasy, to upset! (with cell phone in hand)

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