Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"La mejor empresa es salvar las almas"

 Your typical, market juice bar.




 Someone on the street told me who this man was, yet....

The Church Señor de Luren was badly ruined by an earthquake in May of 2007, and remains closed to the public. An Arequipa native told me, a few days later, that this was due to the lax nature of the people from Ica, and that in Arequipa they are on top of things, so-to-speak (the tower of their ciudad serrana fell in 2001 and they began restoration the next year).

 Again, models that look nothing like the townspeople.

Religious ramblings; "Jesus is coming soon".... "Listen to the voice of god".... "The best industry is soul saving.... Wisdom"

 This right here.

 La Huacachina, the oasis of Peru's coastal desert.

 Tourists probably looking at the sand-boarders.

 Jesus Died x You (again)

 Christ is love.

Nuns and construction workers.

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