Friday, September 30, 2011

Flores de Sorata

 Wandering through what I thought was the hostel's gardens, until someone told me it was private property (oops!)

 Take a good look.

 Flowers, flowers everywhere.

 Barbie and the beauties.

Getting the essentials together for tomorrow's trek.

Morning 172

Can't get much better than this.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roadside SW Bolivia

 Leaving Copacabana on the road to Sorata with Leticia.

 At one point we had to cross part of Lake Titicaca... the passengers took one boat, our bus and luggage took another.

 That's the cutest disputed property I've ever seen.

"When I change the world changes".

 Evo Morales campaign material by the people.

Our micro-bus from Copacabana went past our stop, so we had to get out and wait for a northbound bus to Sorata.We waited for over an hour, but were entertained by these smiling women enthusiastically selling snacks to ever passing car, bus and motorcycle...



One more transfer.

 I wonder where all of this American stuff comes from.

 Most of the trip to Sorata consisted of scaling down the steep mountainside towards the valley town. The milder climate made up for the uneasy ride.

 The hostel/casona.

In the lovely mountain town of Sorata, a small town frequented by some trekking tourists with more pizza spots than I ever expected to find in Bolivia.

This decor is the very definition of Latin kitsch.

Bolivia and South America