Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Skies to Puno

Big, beautiful sky from Arequipa to Puno, where the altitude is even higher and the wind whisks by from Lake Titicaca....

Scary truck stuff.

Building: it's common to see homes in Peru ever-growing, adding a floor as the family expands.



 Passing through the (sad-looking) town of Juliaca.

Engrained advertising, entering the city of Puno...

Puno, sprawling around the Lake.

Girls practicing colorguard.

Puno is hilly. That combined with high-altitudes was tough, but it didn't keep everyone else from being friendly.

See the water in the distance?

New amiga from L.A., Eva.

Buy your ticket, then order food.

Strange advertising.

¡Buenas noches!

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