Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mistura 2011

Outside the micro.

 Inside the micro.

Arriving at Mistura, the fourth annual gastronomic fair, at the Parque de la Exposición. Here, you can try food and drink from all over Peru, including dishes from renowned chefs and restaurants. Peru is proud of it's food-- ¡y con razón!

According to El Comercio, nearly 400,000 visitors enjoyed Mistura in 2011.

Food and drink were separated into sections. This one was full of varieties of pisco, a distilled grape liquor similar to brandy.

Tasting the papa sour... a pisco sour made with red, yellow or purple potato. Peru is home of the potato, boasting thousands of varieties.

Candied fruits, manjar, etc...

Chubby and glad after about three well-fed months in Peru!

Daniel and my favorite: empanada mixta from El Buen Recado, full of choclo, ham and cheese.

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