Friday, May 25, 2012

Delfus Jam

My roommate Diego, right, jams on the guitar at the Delfus Jazz Bar.

Rafael "Fusa" Miranda.

Steve Courmane on the drums, one of the few ex-pats I've met in Lima (he's from New Zealand) and a very expressive performer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Following-up on the Street

 El Decertor's candle man still looking fresh.

 Alex, the neighbor who helped facilitate the intervention on Calle Ocoña.

 Seth's boy got enhanced!

 There are so many buildings in Lima's center that look like this. The graffiti are crude tags, at best, and smog creates residue that can only be removed by a good wash (remember that it doesn't rain?) This is a great potential spot for an artistic intervention.

WA's nursery, also looking good a few months later.

Monday, May 14, 2012

El Día de la Madre

I never found out who did these faces, but I love how simple they are.

Leftovers from La Noche en Blanco...

Ricardito y Kathy.



Happy Mother's Day! To Vicky, a dedicated mom to her children (and her adopted gringa).

Lucky wants some!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Morning 398

La Noche en Blanco

Back home in Miraflores.

La Noche en Blanco is a celebration in which many of Miraflores' streets are closed off to traffic, and art is displayed in the streets, on the buildings, and in galleries. For a town so ridden with traffic, it's extremely refreshing to stroll through the streets on a night like this.

Limeña Girl, by Sheila Alvarado, is a series of realistic self-portraits published on the sex page of Peru21.

Looks like Marco Sueño's otorongo, but I think it's someone else's!

Rainforest patterns.

Conrad is another well-known graffiti artist, known not only for his work on the street but for his bad-ass figurines.

Following artists unknown.... (sorry!)...

Iturburu is one of my favorite artists out of Lima... he works with shapes, spaces, intersections of color and form.

Seimiek, another one of Lima's fantastic street artists. Some really funky stuff, this guy has got pure talent.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet So-Longs

Raul and "abuelo", who is not really his abuelo, but was his abuela's neighbor.

The last day in Cuba is always so bittersweet. We try to enjoy the time together, but are incredulously sad that, once again, we'll have to say goodbye.


Pile of cousins!

Some friendly family torture.

Last ride along the Malecón.

Even the toothbrushes don't want to part!

Goodbye, sweet Habana Vieja view.

Trying to be all smiles.

A happy and hopeful goodbye.

Zicelis y Raul.

Hasta la próxima....