Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Outline by Aurelio de la Guerra

Aurelio de la Guerra, seasoned graffiti and video artist from the neighborhood of Barranco, paints the foot of a traditional scissor dancer on the side of the architecture building of the University Federico Vidareal. A self-proclaimed anarchist, he often works illegally and up until this point had never accepted payment for his mural work. He was the first artist I met with, and as head of collective Poco Floro in the Center of Lima, he gave me the down-low on Lima's graffiti community.

I'll be adding a new label, Lima de Reojo, for all street art related posts in, around, or about Lima's urban art scene. Reojo means what you see out of the corner of your eye and beckons you to look a second time.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ceviche a lo Manolo y Témpora

 Mandarinas, mandarinas, mandarinas...

 Manolo prepares the many limes to "cook" the fish for the ceviche at his stand in the Callao market.

Mmmm... the very best. "¡Buenazo!"

Daniel, Manolo, Rodrigo and Tempora (with Piero Andrés in her belly) and I.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On Journeys

Here I am, back at Daniel's house, back into the grey of Lima's winter. After my second trip to Cuba, I no longer feel like I'm on an adventure, backpacking around free as a bird. Raul and my serendipitous connection became more real, and our commitment to one another had us asking the hardest question-- Now what? How can we possibly be together? In Lima, I'm starting an art and urbanism project with the municipality and forsee staying for the next few months, at least.
"Life is a journey," some people say, and cliché as it might sound, it's true. Although I'm still in a foreign country, there's no longer the fresh feeling of a new place every couple of days, with new friends and food and sights. When everything around you is foreign, you have no choice but to be ultra-present. But the challenge is staying in the moment when everything seems the same...

Flauta Dulce

 Canción de despedida.

 After we say our goodbyes, and I pass through security, we spend a few minutes just waving goodbye until my eyes get too teary and I walk to my gate.

Not exactly comfort food.

QVA Libre

Dance party on my last night in town!

 Francesca from Italy.

 Mi amor.

A painting...

Almond Eye

 Almond fruit and nut.

 This is everything ^

 At La Bodeguita del Medio, another one of Hemingway's famous haunts, known for its mojitos.
A Canadian with a Cuban.

Rosita and Hemingway

We bought Rosita at a bus-stop between el Cotorro and Playa for Pipo, only to find out later that she was a he.

The Russian embassy in Playa.

The famous daiquirí at La Floridita.

Hemingway's here, as always!

To Market, to Market


Colors, shapes...

Blinded Che, candid shots...

Mercado "agro": state-owned markets have the cheapest, but lowest quality, produce sold in pesos, moneda nacional.


...Somebody has family in the states!

Look at that smile!!

By Raul, above and below (Ricardito).

Acrobatics on the roof.

Rolo loves NY.

By Raul, once again, part of quite a series!