Friday, September 2, 2011


Like old times.
La sierra.
Welcome to Cusco/ 3,399 m above sea level.
Gringos dancing to traditional Andean music in the airport.
Grandma using Grandpa´s old suitcase, touching.
He sold us the picture hours later at the hotel.
Coca, coca, coca... to counteract the altitude sickness.
No, not gay pride, but Incan pride!
Takes a while to get used to seeing the top-hat/pollera outfits, so great.
Welcome to Cusco...
That crisp mountain light.
Lovely Aunt Nancy.
It´s almost as if he´s sayin, ¨Yeah, I don´t know what I´m doing here either!¨
Tres leches y café pasado.
Tourists amock.
The Creation of Adam?
Tourism industry is seriously extreme.
The Crew!
Getting interview´d...
Lots of children selling things.
Not allowed to take pictures, but I couldn´t resist the Black Jesus!
Lots of words in the mountains: VIVA EL PERÚ
I think I paid a sol to take this picture.
Lovely women of my family.
At Saqsaywaman (No, not sexy woman!) Incan fort in the shape of head of a puma.
Mary Cate and more, here starts the photo shootin...
Oh! That mountain sun! Aunt Nancy, Anna, Kate, Lily, Grandma.
Ed and JP


Great ceiling

Buenas noches//all-white.


  1. siempre disfruto viendo tus fotos. Siempre veo originalidad y puntos de enfoque distintos. Eso se llama talento.