Monday, September 19, 2011

Ica: Tierra de Uva

Though this may just be the hotel's chosen decor, the Chinese influence on Peru's coast is very prominent, most deliciously in plates such as lomo saltado.

Green mango and peanuts.

"The unfaithful one"...


 Love the dunes.

Andresito y Nicolas, Daniel's cousin Henry's kids.

La abuela and the family pisco: ALVAREZ.

Daniel's uncle Luis Antonio.

Henry (right) fights the roosters, I'm not sure what he's doing to his eyes!

Henry gives me a personal tour of the Bodega Alvarez.

First step: the grapes are squashed! One day I'll be back for the stepping of the grapes, which occurs around late January or February.

Not sure what the second step is... fermentation?

Eventually the cachina, young wine, gets distilled through this thing.

And here the liquids are distilled with a cooling bath around the tubing... at least that's what I understood (after a few glasses of cachina!)

"Ica the Land of Pisco and Good Wine"

Grapevines and ant lines.

Cute cab...

Nicolas' art.

This kid is a ham, what can I say...!

Smiling Martha welcomes us to their home.

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