Friday, June 24, 2011

El Pueblito Paisa

Reflections, shadows...

Probably singing Justin Bieber.

Medellín... Not only beautiful, a perfect 75-80 degrees daily.

Pueblito Paisa, a replication of a typical paisa (aka Antioquian) town, complete with a square, houses, shops, a radio station, church. Strangely, they were playing a folkloric version of a raunchy reggaeton song through the loud speakers.

The church was the ¨real¨part, I guess.

The internationally typical souvenier shop´s politically incorrect shotglass. Top to bottom: Strong men, women, cowards, faggots.

El Pueblito Paisa at dusk.

At least there was a great view.

With Gina and Carla, happily! Hey Jersey!

Esteban and Catalina

Getting ear décor from the extremely zealous wire-craft man.

Morning 60

Just think about me please...

Yoga on the balcony.

My beautiful Foxy.

Patio Bonito

Gina and Carla straightening up.

Mmm, guayaba.

Catalina´s apartment.

Bible at the nail salon.

View 1 from Catalina´s apartment. ! Éxito, the ubiquitous Colombian supermarket.

View 2.

Los primos pastusos.

Morning 59

Waking up in Medellín.

Morning in NJ! Hey Rose and Mona!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life on La Finca

The trip Southeast (and significantly lower in elevation) to Sasaima.

Juan Camilo in his studio.

We called her Floaty, then soon after she lived up to her name... died, rather.

Juan Ca getting me a mandarin/lemon hybrid, the best are at the top.

La finca.

Felisa and her watercolor.

é Pablo would not get out of that jacuzzi!

Felipe grilling mazorca.


More of Juan Ca´s work.

Rana, a game where you throw little metal hoops into the frog´s mouths.

Not a frog.

Taking a walk with Angela and the boys in the development.

An abandoned hotel around the corner.

Heliconia, the flower on the left, is my favorite here in Colombia and you see it everywhere.

Buenas noches...