Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pure Puno

Breakfast in the solarium.

 Typewriting professionals, who often write for those who are illiterate.

Puno's bustling market was fascinating....

In other parts of Peru, including Lima, you often see quail eggs for sale... just not with the quails!

USA paraphernalia scattered about.

 Fish from the lake.

Jugo de maracuyá (passionfruit, such a great word!)

A Puno native, showing me what he calls a typical nose of the Aymara people.

This cheese is fantastic.

Eva at lunch (soup is particularly delicious in these parts, plus it keeps you warm!)

 The immense beauty of Titicaca...

Arriving at Uros, the floating islands of the Uru people on Lake Titicaca. What I understood was that these totora reed islands were made as an escape from the oppressive Incan rule many years ago. The islands have been modernized (apparently they float on empty water bottles now) and are as touristic as you can imagine. That said, it was well-worth a visit.

Duck on display.

Totora reeds and motor boats.

Artisan creations for the tourists...

A fellow tourist, from Lima.

 Another tourist and his souvenier.

 Old-fashioned transportation.

They even have a reed post office!


 Puno constantly has folkloric dance presentations down its main commercial drag.

 The feeling.

 Anticuchos (cow heart kebabs).

So much beauty.

I can't get enough of these braids and the colorful frazadas, blankets.

Drinking api-- an alcoholic fermented corn drink, with puffed dough.

A New York lawyer... yep, it's a small world.

Backpacker ramblings.

An Andean punk band.... a bizarre mix of zampoñas and metal.

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