Thursday, September 1, 2011

Juntos por fín

El Ovalo de Miraflores, view from the hostal breakfast area.

I always find airport chapels to be somewhat depressing.

Huaca Pucllana, 4th century Lima site.

Papá, siempre con la cámara.

Cousin Lily!

At the Plaza Bolivar in Pueblo Libre.

Museo Nacional de Arqueología.

Mom and John.


This one´s on all the postcards, as you can imagine...

On our way in the tourbus to the historical center...

A typical view...

The famous balconies of Lima

Retablo, folkloric art from Ayacucho.

Francisco Pizarro´s tomb, the founder of Lima ¨Ciudad de los Reyes¨ (City of Kings).

Ironically, this conquistador´s tomb says Peace?

They all have uniforms!

The lovely Grandma Betty.

At the Plaza de Armas with Rosalía, Katie and you-know-who.

Ed and Mary Cait.

Inca Kola Inca Kola Inca Kola...

Iglesia San Francisco

The sell these little llamas everywhere.

The catacombs.

Lovely boy.

Awkward primas.

Papá, Aunt Nancy mom.

Another popular beverage, made of purple corn. Too sweet for my taste (like Inca Kola).

Remember the lovers from Tumbes? I believe it´s the same artist, Victor Delfín, in the Parque del Amor, Miraflores.

The view from Larcomar, la Costa Verde.

The too-posh coastal shopping mall, Larco Mar.
La familia...

Causa de langostinos... cold mashed potatoes filled with shrimp salad. Not my thing.

Now this was good--- arroz con mariscos.


¨Your so poor, the only thing you have is money.¨ HA!

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