Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Estrellas en la tierra

One of a few markets on Calle Ancash in Barrios Altos.

Guillermo Torrico checks permissions and helps me survey the amount of scaffolding and personnel needed.

Future spot....

Finito! Antes Soñaba by Seth, Túpac and El Decertor.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Neo Inca

Driving through the historic, yet neglected, neighborhood of Barrios Altos, where most of our artistic interventions took place.

Victor Vich, professor at La Universidad Católica, shows us the neo Inca architecture of the respected, yet underfunded, fine arts university of Barrios Altos, La Escuela de Bellas Artes.

A nursery, once covered in chipping portraits of Disney characters, painted by WA.

Remember el Presbítero Matías Maestro? This is the outside, which starts in Barrios Altos. No matter how many times it's painted white, it's covered by gang tags. Unfortunately, we couldn't charge the color due to requirements for historic buildings.

Barrios Altos.

Progress on Avenida Lampa, face done by Seth, background by El Decertor.

And lettering by Eliot Túpac. City Services General Manager Arnold Millet asses their work (favorably, of course).

Antes Soñaba

One of the first swipes of paint at Avenida Lampa, where Seth, Túpac and El Decertor are painting the façade of a parking garage.

Passing kitsch.

Seth and DCT surveying, imagining, planning.

Here with Túpac in the foreground.

A nearby shoe shiner looks on throughout the process. He says he's seen big changes in this neighborhood in the Center of Lima, just in the past few years.

A passing Metropolitano-- Rapid Transit System bus. The best thing to happen to Lima transportation, definitely much faster and efficient than the micro-buses.

Curious on-lookers.

Túpac does the lettering of this mural, based on the lettering from "chicha" pamphlets his father makes. Chicha posters are popular media for advertising cumbia and folkloric music on the Northern coast of Perú. Learn more about his father, Don Fortunato Uchuaranga, and afiches chicha here.

More onlookers...

Getting there! Day 1 comes to a close.

Café Verde

Delicious, fresh-roasted, fresh-ground coffee at El Café Verde in Miraflores. My Saturday morning spot (and eventually, any weekday afternoon possible).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wall Creatures

Julien "Seth" Malland, left, is one of the members of Les Nouveaux Explorateurs, an alternative travel show on French television channel Canal+. To the right is his director and on the right is el Decertor, back on Calle Ocoña to paint some more across the stree from where he painted that incredible face.

Now we're in Barrios Altos, where Marco Sueño fixes a photograph he pasted onto the wall of a very difficult part of town. Usually the murals are well-accepted by neighbors, but when the neighbors aren't supportive it's tough, especially since these pasted photos can be so easy to destroy.

Marco, in the middle, directs a friend and assistant in pasting a new leopard, "recycler", and vulture.

Before and after by Marcos Sueño. The recycler is a common job in Lima-- they pick up whatever waste might be able to be reused and sold from around the city. The Municipality has begun to integrate them into the waste removal plan, mostly because when they work informally they often litter by opening garbage, whereas with the city, they are held by stricter sanitary code (and can make a real salary!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Limpia Playa Sombrillas

Oswaldo, Municipal driver who spent about 5 years living in Japan (and who always told me that all you need is amor y paciencia, love and faith) at a clean-beach event in Barranco.

 Lima morning fog.

 Diego (and some other character!)

Fairly recent Chorillos district Jesus in the distance.

 Yet another mystery fire!

Carlos, Environment Co-Manager, and his daughter along Lima's coast.

This event, led by members of the district of Barranco's Municipality, focused on clean beaches and safety against sun's rays... plus there was tai chi!

Speaking of too much sun?

The clean-up team at Playa Sombrillas.

The crew from the Metropolitan Municipality's Environment Sector.