Monday, August 8, 2011

Fathers and Flowers

Lucho opening one of this many Father´s Day gifts.

A hike at La Reserva Nirvana.

Many flowers I´d never seen before...

Los Peñaranda

Huff, puff...

The view from the top, la Valle Cauca.

Victorious Lucrecia!


A tender father-son moment.

Trucha from the reserve.

Un tinto...

Tired from the walk, and the food.

Driving into Cali.

The backside of Jobita, a campesina who marched in the parades of Cali dressed in lavish clothing to poke fun at the rich.

Certainly looks like a store that would be in the Bronx.

The father of the father.

Also pleased with his gifts!

Mmm, what a spread.

I found it funny that a French supermarket chain has the slogan chévere (cool!) for Colombia.

Cali at night.

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  1. Alex, I love your photos of Cali and Lucrecia's family. It is evident that they are wonderful people in a beautiful place!