Thursday, August 11, 2011

The People Between the Lines-Pasto e Ipiales

Hotel virgin (foreshadowing).

Strangely painted façade.

I was told this was the last Lenin statue ever made for the Soviet Union, turned into Saint James for la Iglesia de Cristo Rey. Cheaper? Secret jesuit socialists?

Get your Jesus tee!

I can´t believe this is serious...

El Teatro del Imperio: from splendor, to peep-shows, to a university´s cultural patrimony.

My amigo and ¨tour guide¨, Guilermo.

A student practices.

The beautiful barniz technique.

We´re in cuy country! Cuy, or guinea pig, is a common delicacy from here on South, through the Andes.

Some strange forms...

Oh, my god...

Guillermo and nephew... Love these big colorful portraits.

...there he is!

Bye, Real Confort Hotel.

The bright colors that certainly inspire Pastuso barniz and mosaic artists.


Giving credit the banana man deserves.

Ipiales (almost Ecuador).

De nada!

I heard I might witness the phenomenon of green clouds in Ipiales from nearby volcanic gas, but not a rainbow!

You see why I still haven´t tried cuy?

Las Lajas Cathedral, an impressive structure built into the valley where apparently a child, from her mother´s back, saw the Virgin.

Plaques commemorating the miracles of the Virgin de Las Lajas.

Nuestra Señora de Las Lajas and her altar, built into the stone.

Shell? What are you doing here?

To the workers who raised this temple with the silent daily prayer of their arms and their faith.

More miracles.


  1. Love it! Especially the miracles and even more miracles!

  2. Muchísimas fotos bellas, llenas de contrastes, de equilibrio de colores, de composiciones originales. Una gran obra de arte.