Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Middle of the World

Strange contraption that helped to find the equator, maybe.

No longer the Pabello de Alemania!

Quito at night (in miniature model version).

Love these tacky things: the heros of Ecuador!

0´-0´-0´ La Mitad del Mundo!

The most expressionless performance I´d seen in a while.


A crater or something, which we couldnt see!

Tzantza... the shuar shrinking head ritual. Shrunken heads of enemies were placed on stakes, while those of the venerable were worn as a necklaces. Photographing these heads is deemed disrespectful (damn!).

Siliva, Diana and I with our friend.

The lovely Diana!

Our guide at the Museo Intiñam, which focuses less on Western discoveries and more on indigenous knowledge at the ecuator.

Apparently an egg should balance easily on a pinhead at the ecuatorial line. I tried...


Come on!

Of course the Ecuadorian guy could do it.


This (as well as ¨aborto seguro¨) was a common message on Quito´s bare walls.

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