Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dios está aquí: Mancora, Perú

Right before crossing the border, in the city of Machala, the banana capital of Ecuador.

Lesson learned: don´t ever let your bus leave you at border control without your stuff.

The fruit trade.

¨No orine aquí¨... because everything else is so well-cared for!

Welcome to Perú!

Tumbes: a commercial nightmare.

My first mototaxi ride!

In Máncora! Met some paisas (from Medellín), Andrés y José.

My first real ceviche. Damn. Note the camote on the left (sweet potato), canchita (toasted corn kernels) and yuca to the right.

Dios está aquí (on a turtle shell)...

Here too!... Everywhere?


Idyllic, finally reach the shore.

Paloma and the pulpo.

Perro calato, naked dog, an ancient Peruvian breed.

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