Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sugar Valley

Well, good morning.

Lucho giving a Chemistry class. Nice to have a refresher on things like entropy and the electromagnetic spectrum.

The lovely teacher´s assistant (and wife), Lucrecia, who later gave the class a crash course in ortografía and grammer.

Luis Mi participating in class. An all-around academic family!

Lots and lots of sugarcane, which is grown, harvested and processed all year round in the Cauca Valley.

Hiya, shuga...

Nap on Daniela´s shoulder.

Friends on a Saturday bike ride.

At Hacienda el Paraíso, a plantation which inspired María, the acclaimed romantic novel by Jorge Isaacs.

Spelling error at the guarapo stand, where they make a delicioso sugarcane drink.

Mmm más obleas.

Sweet wine grapes.

New pool at the neighbor´s house in Santa Elena.

An unusual sighting.

At Chucho´s house, a typical cauca home filled with remnants of the past.

In the barber´s chair.

Chucho, a real character, recovering from a motorcycle accident.

A found piece of wood turned crucifix.

Some of Chucho´s recent works.

Patacones, fried and flattened plantain chips.

A bit of street life.

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