Saturday, August 20, 2011

About Labels

Often people ask me, what kind of photos do you take? Answering this question is a challenge. Although classifying is not always relevant, it can teach you a lot about where your eyes are drawn.
I´ve recently been playing with the Labels option of this blog, and the more I add the more I come up with! In the end they all over-lap and inter-connect, so let me explain a few...

De colores- Now, all the photos here are in color. But these posts have the juiciest, eye-poppin´color of them all
Edible culture- Not surprisingly one of the sections with the most posts. I do eat every day...
Habla Pachamama- Pachamama is an Andean term for Mother Earth- One or more photos in these posts share her message in a strong way for me, be it a bird, the sky or visible effects of global climate change
Heros (Che Zapata n Bolivar)- Some recurring characters in Latin American history
Indi-genius- Photos of indigenous ritual or symbols
Jesús Maria and friends- Images of Jesus and the Virgin are omnipresent in these parts
Justicia- Social justice themes
Latin kitsch- It´s tacky, it´s wonderful
Morning- My favorite label, and the only one that was deliberate
Shadows- Needs no explanation, another favorite, but kind of makes me feel bad for the unmentioned ¨reflections¨and ¨lights¨
Up in the air- Similar to Bird´s eye, but from the plane (the window seat, if you will)
Work that camera- Simply pictures of people posing!
Yo- Means ¨me¨ in Spanish, but also, yo! Here I am!

¡Qué disfruten! If you spot any other re-emerging themes, feel free to suggest.

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