Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Museo Nacional: Gold and Oranges

The National Museum-- all in all a very thorough look at Colombian history through art and media.

What I would have seen more of if I had made it to the renowned Gold Museum.

One of the many, many prehispanic art pieces. Much of it came from the valley of the Río Magdalena.

The Conquest.

Juan Pablo on Bogotá.

The museum was once a prison, thus the building functions as a panopticon.

Virgen de la Merced, from Quito.

Excellent question to have in the national hero section-- Whose been placed in and out of these galleries?-- Not only Bolívar, Nariño and Policarpa.

Photo by Nereo López Meza.

Felisa and Botero.

At Juan Valdez Café, another Colombian hero.

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