Friday, June 24, 2011

El Pueblito Paisa

Reflections, shadows...

Probably singing Justin Bieber.

Medellín... Not only beautiful, a perfect 75-80 degrees daily.

Pueblito Paisa, a replication of a typical paisa (aka Antioquian) town, complete with a square, houses, shops, a radio station, church. Strangely, they were playing a folkloric version of a raunchy reggaeton song through the loud speakers.

The church was the ¨real¨part, I guess.

The internationally typical souvenier shop´s politically incorrect shotglass. Top to bottom: Strong men, women, cowards, faggots.

El Pueblito Paisa at dusk.

At least there was a great view.

With Gina and Carla, happily! Hey Jersey!

Esteban and Catalina

Getting ear décor from the extremely zealous wire-craft man.

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