Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life on La Finca

The trip Southeast (and significantly lower in elevation) to Sasaima.

Juan Camilo in his studio.

We called her Floaty, then soon after she lived up to her name... died, rather.

Juan Ca getting me a mandarin/lemon hybrid, the best are at the top.

La finca.

Felisa and her watercolor.

é Pablo would not get out of that jacuzzi!

Felipe grilling mazorca.


More of Juan Ca´s work.

Rana, a game where you throw little metal hoops into the frog´s mouths.

Not a frog.

Taking a walk with Angela and the boys in the development.

An abandoned hotel around the corner.

Heliconia, the flower on the left, is my favorite here in Colombia and you see it everywhere.

Buenas noches...