Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cuba Libre

The Giral sisters, Maria de Lourdes and Cristina, assasinated during the Batista regime.

Havana blues.

This caused quite the crowd.


The handsome and ever-present Che.

¨He who doesn´t love his country doesn´t love himself, and is a weak and vile traitor¨.

¨Girón is the tumb of the yankees¨.

¨Today, tomorrow, always- Fatherland or Death!¨

For Rosalía... thought it was cool that Rosalía´s first daughter´s name was Alejandra!


50 years and we continue FOREVER.

El Paseo del Prado, otherwise known as Paseo de Martí.

Waiting for la guagua in front of the Malecón.

Day two, still impressed by all the old American cars.


El Malecón.

La Americana is in bad shape...

Another ever-present character, por supuesto.

Nothing like the American dollar.

Brincando la calle.


Look how thick that paint is...

Woohoo, Cocotaxi!

Necrópolis Colón... our cocotaxista said it was the largest cemetary in Latin America, but I´m not sure I believe it.

¨Revolution means to never lie, or violate ethical principals¨.

Hakuna matata.

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