Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A seminary, now serving as part of a Bogotá college campus during its construction. Ironically, other classes are taken at the nearby, pay-by-the-hour motel.

Running for mayor.

¨Education is a right not a commodity¨.

Cava means a cellar in Colombia, whereas in Spain it means champagne.

An aphrodisiacal restaurant in La Macarena.



Delicious buñuelos, arepas, pan de bono...

Look who it is!

A llanera restaurant, where I (unfortunately) sampled chig

Unknown church.

Bolívar, Colombia´s equivalent to Martí (at least when it comes to statues).

El Chorro, part of la Candelaria where many students hang out.

There´s chicha, a fermented corn drink.

¨Me cago en España¨... this man was not happy about having his photo taken.

A zorrero, someone who transports goods with his donkey for a living. They are outlawed in Medellín, replaced by motorcycles.

Aguila beer, ¨Colombia´s PBR,¨ as Carla would say.

For mami.

What you might think Colombia looks like.


  1. Great photos, with your usual style, interesting, informative and fun! Pensando en ti...

  2. o sea, soy una bolsa de papas fritas.. :-/ ?