Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me Fascina

Don't let it fool you-- this is just a poster. However, we got pulled over by a real cop for taking this photo, thinking I might be involved in guerilla activity.

Too funny.

Taking the teleférico up to El Cerro de Monserrate.

The view of what used to be called Santa Fé de Bogotá.

Tourist things: coca leaves, chocolate covered coffee beans, artisan beads, sombreros, alpaca ponchos...

The Iglesia Señor Caido on top of Monserrate.

El Señor Caído... from the 17th century with woman's hair. Sad.

Agua de panela con una arepita, mmm.

Policarpa, or "La Pola", a heroine of Colombian independence.

At the Donación Botero.


Miró, Picasso, Felisa.

Fernand Léger.

Fernando Botero, Colombia's most famous painter and sculptor whose "voluminous" figures are whimsical and humorous.

Of Gustave Courbet.

What I imagine Botero's subjects eat.

Making obleas: thin, round wafers with arequipe, a delicious slow-churned caramel.

At the Plaza Bolívar.

Catedral Primada de Bogotá... see the foot sticking out?

The National Capitol, with the Palace of Justice to its right and the Liévano building for the mayor to its left. Bolívar stands in the center, of course.

Beautiful sounds of the Andean harp.

The colonial balcony.

Granadilla, an interesting fruit with sweet seeds that you can chew or slurp.

Felisa's grandsons, Juan Camilo and Santiago, at their apartment.

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  1. What a great visit you had with Cathy, Felisa and their family. You got to see some beautiful places. Don't you just love Botero? He's awesome!