Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pide un Deseo


Lots of strange flora.

One of the most delicious things-- Galician tuna empanadas.

Now THIS is a great way to travel.

With mommy.

La Rosa.

Feigning disdain, as usual.

Make a wish....

An horreo, or grain store, for storing corn and other crops.

At the Castro de Baroña, from the first century BCE, where the archeological remains of this ancient civilization rests upon a magnificent peninsula.

A very special place.

Lotsa yoga photos.

Amigas, mamá and Maribel.

Out on the peninsula, close to steep and rocky drops to the ocean, Rosalía had a moment of paranoia and perched up on this rock. It's amazing to imagine that people lived out here, practically on the ocean.

For Abuela Inés.

Reminiscent of the main image from my Gracias por su visita thesis exhibition.

Wild horses.

A view of the bay.

Family photo.

Our ride!

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