Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camino a la Comida

On the second day in Boiro, we walked around the town's abundant markets.  After being in Peru, a country with such fresh ingredients and a rich gastronomical culture, I had been brainwashed to think it was all downhill from there. The food in Galicia, though, definitely gives Lima a run for its money--- most of all, its fresh seafood.

 A light, cool mist is not uncommon here, even in the summers.

 At the seafood market...

 People bargained in gallego, so we left it up to Pepe to find the best deals.

 Fresh milk dispenser!

 We stopped at a bar for wi-fi and coffee, and they gave us a complimentary pan of the most delicious, fresh muscles for each 3 people. Incredible.

 Calamar... part 1.

 Part 2.

 Seafood mania.

 Paella by Maribel.

 Looks like someone's ready (and has snuck a piece of bread!)

 Rosalia de Castro is a famous writer from Galicia, and albariño is a deliciously bright white wine from the region.

 At Rosalía (de Castro)'s house.

 See the guy?


 There's something about the clouds, and the way the light hits the tips of things in this area, that makes everything seem whimsical.

Arriving at Santiago de Compostela.


 Jamb statues everywhere...

 In the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

 The Galicia region of the Iberian peninsula was first inhabited by the Celtic people, and so, some traditions seem to have stuck.

 People hanging out all over the square.

 Practicing flamenco.


 Travelers tired from the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James), a long journey through Galicia and parts of France that ends up here at the Cathedral.

 Gals on vaca.

 This guy?

 Such beautiful details...

 An artist sells his modern illustrations of the city.

 "Without pain, there is no glory".

 What once was el Banco Popular...

 Interesting street art.

 More of those clouds...

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