Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Signs of Matanzas

Love the bedspread at our hostel in Matanzas.

Ode to William Eggleston.

"Don't lean"-- coffee-stop countertop.

The traveler (female).

The once-pristine Hotel Paris. Here's an old postcard I found of it online.

The garbage.

"Socialism is the only alternative to continue being free and independent".

A copy of the original Coppelia, a famed ice-cream joint in Havana.


Who'da thunk?

"Truth Lodge" Freemason Temples such as Los Caballeros de La Luz (The Order of the Knights of Light) are very common in Cuba. Once established as a secret society to promote Cuba's independence, it is now more of a fraternal organization encouraging justice, wisdom and love for fellow mankind. (To be fair, womankind is also involved in some chapters.)

Outdoor haircuts.

Raul's lucky number comes up very often these days.

By (the patient) Raul.

"You are my life".

"Yes, it can"!

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