Monday, May 7, 2012

Havana Manifests Light, Art, Balconies, Archways

At the Guayasamín Museum, a few nativity scenes from Ayacucho, Perú, sit by the window.

Special light.

Childhood drawings of José Martí and other patriotic symbols.

I hate to say it, but the artisanship in Havana is pretty underwhelming.

Atop Havana's Gómez Vila building, where a Camera Obscura allows visitors to see the sights from inside a dark room.

Just look at that smile...!

The gleaming Russian Orthodox church.

Zooming in on curious corners...

At the Café El Escorial.


A friend of mine from Peru took the same shot a year or so ago, before the speech bubble said "te quiero".

El Capitolio.

I love these vending machines (though they don't work).


We outsiders find so much beauty in this decay, but how would we feel if it were our home?

En el barrio Belén.

Gorgeous façades from a golden age.

Strange hair and a stubborn tree.

The power of la pachamama.

Life on the balcony.

Yissel and Jose's cutie.

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