Friday, March 9, 2012

Nosotras estamos en la calle

The first day of painting comes to a close after a few bumps in the road. Eighteen female artists ended up participating here at the Plazuela de la Democracia-- a huge feat for a two day event.

Next day: The vision is to have all of the women-themed images surrounded by water.

Monica Miros is ready to head to the top of the scaffolding.

None other than the Center of Lima's very own Superman!

The artists celebrate a job well done at the end of day two.

The final product, photographed by el Decertor. The neighbors, who seemed conservative and cautious at first, were blown away, while other artists were not as impressed by the number of styles. All in all, it came together, and Nosotroas Estamos en la Calle will continue to celebrate female artists in Lima.

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