Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fieldwork and Gold Trim

El Decertor continues to impress (and intimidate) with his work on Calle Ocoña, Center of Lima.

Municipal workers prepare to paint the façade AROUND the graffiti in order to give the street a cleaner feel. Lesson learned: always do a base first. But we've come a long way: under the Castañeda administration, all street art was immediately covered with white paint (not a very effective way to prevent further graffiti).

If this doesn't prevent public urination, what will? Also by el Decertor.


Meeting at the beautifully restored Municipal Theatre.

To the left sit singers performing in the Women's Day event to be held later this week. To the right sit Gloria Lescano, Head of Cultural Promotion, and Pedro Pablo Alayza, Chief Manager of Culture for Lima's Metropolitan Municipality.

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