Friday, March 2, 2012

Graffiti Girls and Boys Clubs

"Late night at the office" photo.

Here we are at the Casa Poco Floro, where a group of female graffiti artists (from Perú and other Latin countries) are meeting to discuss the plan for an International Women's Day mural in the city center.

Monica Miros, photographed here to my right, is an artist and activist coordinating these artists, while I oversee the creative vision and logistics. Although the wall is large, having 10+ artists paint it requires a fierce curatorial hand and lots of organization (which, at risk of stereotyping, is not always the strong-suit of graffiti artists).

One half of La Pandilla, a Puerto Rican graffiti duo, finishes his painting at Ricardo Palma Gallery. The exhibition marks the beginning of Latir Latino 2012, a graffiti event held in Miraflores and organized by internationally-recognized duo, Entes y Pésimo from Lima. They're well-known for their artistic contribution to Calle 13's "Latinoamérica" video.

Unlike the Women's Day wall, all of Latir Latino's participating artists are male this year. Despite the boy's club feeling, these guys put on a great show.

Elian from Argentina.

After-party at la Casa Tupac, where more instillation pieces were on display.

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