Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calle Ocoña con el Decertor

It's not uncommon to see (and hear) protesters outside the Municipality on Pasaje Santa Rosa. This one seems to be about SERPAR, the Park Service.

José Louis, one of the City Services drivers, takes me to one of the critical unsanitary points we've identified.

A neighbor on Calle Ocoña lets me into her home while Daniel Cortéz, known as El Decertor, paints her façade. She even shows me the large, repaired hole in the wall created by robbers a few years back.

Calle Ocoña is also near the Plaza San Martín, which despite it's bright white exterior has quite a seedy nightlife. This block is used, basically, as a urinal and a place to pick up prostitutes.

Quite a talent-- check this out because the work speaks for itself.

Few, if any, will use this as a urinal now!

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