Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antes Soñaba

One of the first swipes of paint at Avenida Lampa, where Seth, Túpac and El Decertor are painting the façade of a parking garage.

Passing kitsch.

Seth and DCT surveying, imagining, planning.

Here with Túpac in the foreground.

A nearby shoe shiner looks on throughout the process. He says he's seen big changes in this neighborhood in the Center of Lima, just in the past few years.

A passing Metropolitano-- Rapid Transit System bus. The best thing to happen to Lima transportation, definitely much faster and efficient than the micro-buses.

Curious on-lookers.

Túpac does the lettering of this mural, based on the lettering from "chicha" pamphlets his father makes. Chicha posters are popular media for advertising cumbia and folkloric music on the Northern coast of Perú. Learn more about his father, Don Fortunato Uchuaranga, and afiches chicha here.

More onlookers...

Getting there! Day 1 comes to a close.

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