Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tambor pa Changó

Repitles in the morning...

Jicotea, Raul's family's turtle that spends most of the time under the counter with the pots and pants.
The guarapo stand (sugar cane juice).

El Flaco greets us at work before clocking out.

Love this one.

We joined el Flaco's brother at a tambor pa Changó, a ceremony of the African Yoruba religion (commonly combined with Catholicism in Latin America to form Santería) honoring Changó. According to Wikipedia, Changó is the Orisha, or god, of justice, dance, male beauty and passion. Jicoteas like Raul's pet turtle are offered to Changó, as are these drumming and dancing sessions.
Everyone had off from work on this Monday, not coincidentally, to honor the Emancipation of Slavery in Cuba in October of 1886.
Here pictured is a woman removing the socks of one of the dancers who was temporarily possessed and fell to the ground, part of the ritual.

Los tambores, which were more like cajones to keep the constant rhythm.

I'm unsure of how these possessions work, seen above and below, and if it's by demonic or positive spirits.

Raul and I didn't seem to notice!


Adorable kids.

On a hill in Santa María del Rosarío, La Loma de la Cruz.

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