Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Below the Illimani

 On the way to La Paz.

 Entering the city...

 Coming down the mountains into the valley city of (Nuestra Señor de) La Paz: the capital of Bolivia, a rolling city of varying altitudes surrounded by peaks such as the snow-covered mount Illimani.

The colors in Bolivia don't cease to fascinate me.

 Llama fetuses, sold in a chiflería in the "witches' market".

The hills of La Paz, somewhere near Sagarnaga Street.

Celebrations unknown.

Gonzalo, left, is a musician and born-again Christian from Santa Cruz who gave us a passionate history of Bolivia, especially through the lens of indigenous rights. He feels Evo Morales is "selling out" to the interests of multinational conglomerates over the preservation of sacred land. Here he poses with the 3-peso Che coin from Cuba that I gave him.

Windows at the hostel, followed by the view...

Breakfast nook.

Coca tea... it really does help as a preventative measure against altitude sickness, and is delicious.

The garment district seemed endless.

Looking up at la Iglesia de San Francisco during a rally against the construction of a highway in the Tipnis forest (details to come tomorrow).

Funerary procession.

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