Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Decorating for some October 4th holiday, possibly Saint Francis of Assisi Day.

Not a great shot, but I love these pyramidal stacks of eggs, fruit, peppers...

He's full.



White smoke...


Bright, beautiful La Paz is not without traffic.

The continued rally against the construction of an international highway through the TIPNIS forest: a secure indigenous territory in the north of Bolivia. Gonzalo told me that the forest had "trees from way before the coming of Christ"; no doubt, the highway would have a devastating effect on ecosystems and local populations.

More plates on display... unfortunately, I never did get the meaning!

Life on the streets...

Yet another legal plea for disputed property.

That's gotta be Mount Illimani. It's absolutely breathtaking to look up an avenue and see this!

Gotta love the mask and jello.

Just like in Arequpia,the pigeons and people really get along.

Another call to free the TIPNIS of the proposed highway.


"CAREFUL!! This brute roams free. His victims are indigenous people, teachers, workers, peasants, and all the exploited in Bolivia."

I love the modern/indigenous-styled contrast.

The finishing touches of my dress by Remedios.

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