Thursday, June 14, 2012


Another RAF mural, this one of Lucha Reyes, a famous criollo music singer who lived across the street from this wall about half a century ago.

The finished gato, perro y pericote-- Jade y Seam.

The son of a woman asking for money on the side of the street. Unfortunately this is a reality for many people in the center of Lima, just blocks away from the touristic main square.

José Luis.

One of Lima's many pueblos jóvenes up on a hill, this is the famous Cerro San Cristóbal, projected to have a cable car set up just like in Medellín.
About a year ago, a Dutch artist named Katinka Simosne organized a project to paint several of the houses pink, so that from the Plaza de Armas you could see a heart. I heard mixed reactions from artists and the residents of the neighborhood, but it certainly got people talking.

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  1. I love these; especially the one of the driver's eyes: bellos!