Wednesday, June 6, 2012

El Perro, El Gato y el Pericote

Jesús Flores, photographer, is on Jirón Ancash today to document the interventions along this street. Between Guillermo Torrico, the neighbors and I, 11 blocks of this street have been painted and a mural will be painted about every other block.


Marcos Temoche, a talented artist who grew up between Peru and Venezuela.

Jade, from the Chorillos district of Lima and part of DA2 crew, traces the figures.

The man on the right claims that he's related to a famous thief from the 1950's, Barrios Altos' former Robin Hood.

El gato, el perro y el pericote (the cat, the dog and the mouse) are symbols related to Saint Martín de Porres (Only a few months back, Raf painted this saint on another street in Barrios Altos). In a famous tale, the animals had to share a bowl of water. We decided in a religious part of town, on the front of a quinta where water is in short supply, this image would be poignant and speak to the neighbors.

Somebody's not into it!

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