Sunday, May 1, 2011


Vanessa, one of the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) social work students that visited CEMAL this week, on a trip to Amatlán.

Babui, Nacho and Lisanne's wonderful son who took the following four photos...

Their red coffee plant, which Babui photographed for me to take back to New York.

Xochicalco, a Mayan archeological site from the Epiclassical period. Only about 30% has been uncovered, and, in addition to being a spiritual and ceremonial place, might have been home to 20,000 people!

Mesoamerican ballgame court.

Detail the Temple of the Feathered Spirit.

Nacho explaining the significance of the temple's characters and symbols. How I wish I had taken notes! But one of my favorite bits of information was when he explained the significance of the four cardinal points. East= birth= white, West= abundance= yellow, North= death= black, South= earth/woman= red. All four points also represent the colors of corn, the principal crop of the area with great symbolic importance.

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