Friday, May 27, 2011

Robert Brady's Artful Abode

The globalization/migration students made a trip to the Robert Brady Museum, an extensive collection of artwork in the late Iowan heir´s Cuernavacan home. The first room primarily showcases masks from around Mexico.

Love the jaguar.

Great bathrooms...

El señor Diego Rivera.

Brady wasn´t a religious man, but here´s the first crucifix of many.

Art from his world travels. Some of the acquisition, especially from indigenous peoples, is questionable.

Hey Jesuits!

Brady´s rendering of his cook, who apparently always had a bad temper.

Frida makes an appearance.

Again, the jaguar.

Josephie Baker´s bedroom, where she stayed a few weeks out of the year.

At the end of the end of the tour, we found out that Robert Brady was gay. Big surprise.

The fame and fortune of the swingin´60s.


The apostles with tequila, tortillas and watermelon. Genial.

Our tour guide shows us the lavish tapestries.

The bedroom...

I thought priests taught asceticism and humility.

More art across the street!

Bienvenidos, sharks are so very welcoming.


  1. ¡Impresionante! ¿Cómo consiguió este tío tantos tesoros?

  2. That door with the hand is great!