Friday, April 15, 2011

Enmarcados (Framed)

Strolling down J.H. Preciado. The cypress/architecture combination here reminds me of Spain.

A woman making blue corn quesadillas on a comal, the traditional griddle. The tortillas, which are a bit thicker than the American variety, are filled with cheese and a meat or mushrooms, then topped with crema (fresh cream), cheese, salsa and/or nopales (prickly pear cactus). If that doesn't sound bueno enough, they each cost 12 pesos (about a dollar!)

Get your photo with everything "Mexican"! The taxidermy goat is a favorite.

Palacio de Cortés-- the conquistador's vacation palace, now a museum.

The tree is the symbol for Cuernavaca (while in Spanish Cuernavaca translates to cow's horn, the name is a false Spanish disambiguation of the Nahuatl name, Cuauhnahuac, which means "surrounded by trees"). My guess is that's a toppled pyramidal structure to represent the Spanish conquest.

Part of Diego Rivera's huge mural in the Palacio called "La conquista y revolución" (The Conquest and Revolution).

The grisaille runs below the colored mural, and here depicts indigenous support behind the Spanish that made the conquest possible.

Rivera included a self-portrait in the middle archway, somewhere between the initial conquest and independence.

Anna and Emiliano Zapata, an integral (and beloved) figure of the Mexican Revolution.

Huge statue of José María Morelos, another revolutionary (but this time, for Mexican Independence) and the name behind the state of Morelos.

Part of the anti-violence protests at the Zócalo. Here, journalist and poet Javier Sicilia, whose son was recently killed by drug-related criminals, speaks out and announces a silent march from Cuernavaca to Mexico City on May 5th to sign a pact for peace and justice.

Across from the protest and next to a group of break-dancers, there was an Aztec dance ritual with drums and incense. Very high-energy and emotive.

Cute lucha libre boy.

¡Quiero churros!

Mirror. Interesting contrast to below...

La Virgen de Guadalupe is everywhere.


  1. Thoroughly enjoying the blog and the photos Alex, your 'point of view' is very interesting. You notice things most people take for granted. The tortillas sounded divine, did you have some?

  2. Querida Alex: el primer día te escribí y parece que no quedó reflejado mi comentario. Me parece excelente lo que estás haciendo, y muy bonitas las fotos. A este paso va a ser imposible, al final de tu largo viaje, escoger las mejores mil fotos.
    ¡Adelante!, disfruta de cada momento. Un beso. papi

  3. gracias, papi, eso "significa el mundo" para mi. and thank you too, vina! yes, i did eat them- soooo good.

  4. Oh this is going to be a great venture to see come about. Safe Journey and Well being.